Spey Casting Lessons

Spey rods and spey casting have gained increasing traction in recent years among salmon and steelhead anglers who need to cover large pieces of water to locate their quarry. Instead of making a backcast – or multiple backcasts – to accelerate the fly line forward, spey casters use the tension of the water to harness the power of the longer spey rod (generally 12' to 14' in length) to make what resembles an exaggerated roll cast. With a modern spey rod in hand, casts of 80, 90 or 100 feet are well within the grasp of mere mortal anglers. I was an early adopter of spey casting for steelhead on our local rivers, and can help you get up to speed quickly. I've developed a series of practice drills to teach the basic casting stroke and to develop muscle memory. This has proven to work very well with both beginners and advanced casters. If you don't yet have a spey rod, I have a variety of rods and line configurations that you can sample to get a sense of what works best for you.

Private spey casting lessons are $200 at a four hour minimum plus $50 per hour for each hour after that. There is 4-person maximum.