Clackamas River

The Clackamas is another great urban steelhead river that boasts substantial runs of both winter and summer fish, predominantly of hatchery origin. Like the Sandy, "the Clack" begins in the Cascades and runs northwest to its confluence with the Willamette. Winter fish begin appearing in December, and gain in numbers through the winter months. In the spring, early arriving summer fish mix with late winters, and good fishing can continue through early July. Most of the banks along the Clackamas are in private ownership, so drifting the river is by far the most effective way to cover the best water. Spey casters revel in the Clack's long, boulder-strewn runs. Odds are good that you will too.

Standard Clackamas River trips are by driftboat, and include flies, use of spey rods (if needed) and lunch. The daily fee is $450 for one or two anglers.